Tuomas Hakala (Chinese: Han Shan) is a Finnish director and DP. He studied these in Turku Arts Academy, Finland. During his eight years in China, first he worked closely with Finnish Broadcasting Company in shooting news all over South East Asia. “One interesting thing about it was that I saw the world at the most peculiar times: riots, earthquakes, floods. In news you never know what happens next and when something happens, it happens suddenly. You have just one chance to get the shots you need.”
Now Tuomas has moved on to commercial side and narrative work. While his ultimate aspiration is to be a director, he continually works as a director of photography as well. “For me doing both of these two jobs is a natural choice. In filmmaking many things are heavily intertwined. Understanding one makes you better at another.”
To name the important clients, Tuomas has worked with Levi’s, Budweiser, Vogue, HP and Tencent. He has also worked on some of the Chinese top TV shows like “I’m a signer”. His “no-budget” short film “Barren Island” was featured in “In the Palace” Film Festival in Bulgaria; NYLA Film Festival in United States and “Lift-off” Film Festival in United Kingdom.
Tuomas is always learning more about his craft, including post production and VFX related topics. “Filmmaking is relying more and more on VFX and digital content creation. It has opened many new creative doors. Looks like the trend now is that lot of directors come from a strong VFX background. Even if you are not going to do VFX yourself, it is still necessary to know what is possible so that you can communicate with those who do.”
Tuomas can speak and read Mandarin and therefore able to work with Chinese speaking crew.